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Makkah Province, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
British Columbia, Armstrong, Canada
Riyadh Province, Ad Dilam, Saudi Arabia
Queensland, Stanthorpe, Australia
England, United Kingdom
McDonald's St-Lambert-de-Lauzon
Québec, Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, Canada
Queensland, Gordonvale, Australia
Western Australia, Butler, Australia
Western Australia, Yanchep, Australia
McDonalds Maghull
England, United Kingdom
Al Jowf Province, Al Qurayyat, Saudi Arabia

McDonald's Near Me

Over the past decade technology has evolved at a maximum speed. The technology has made life easier and comfortable. Finding any location has been made so easy and home delivery is a task of minutes and seconds now.

McDonalds near me is a website which is entitled to find the closes McDonald restaurant. It provides utility for spot search. McDonald’s locations on the map also appear when location is allowed. Search the restaurant from the already listed and find the following details:


Full address of the McDonald’s restaurant can be found on the website.

Office Hours

McDonald’s Open Near me status can be checked by office timing (opening and closing) for each restaurant.


Navigation to the McDonald’s can be found, to easily reach there.

Contact Number

McDonald’s Phone number for each location is mentioned on the website. Utilize it to contact customer service. Phone number can also be used for getting updates about McDonald’s delivery.

Review Form

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How to Locate Nearest McDonald’s?

McDonalds near me comes with a simple user interface. When a visitor pings the website https://mcdonaldsnearme.net, it asks for location permission. After allowing location, it shows nearby McDonald’s locations on the map.

The locations are also listed down, so that details about each McDonald’s restaurant can be checked.   


About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is world’s largest fast-food chain by revenue having more than 37000 stores in 107 countries founded in the year 1940.

McDonald’s is famous for its burgers (hamburgers and cheese burgers) and fries but it also presents breakfast menu, chicken items, milkshakes, deserts etc.

Historical Overview

The story starts when McDonald family moved to California in 1937 and started a small restaurant “The Airdrome” selling hot dogs and hamburgers. In 1940 Maurice and Richard McDonald started a restaurant named by renting the land and named that McDonald’s B.B.Q. The restaurant included 25 menu items BBQ items and hamburgers. But 8 years later they analyzed that hamburgers were more profitable than BBQ items. McDonald’s brothers decided to keep Hamburgers, cheese burgers, fries, coffee and cold drinks as menu items. They changed the restaurant name to just McDonald’s.

Self service was introduced in the McDonald’s for the first time. Customer has to order food and take it to his/her table by himself/herself. The concept was appreciated by Americans and the modern fast-food system was introduced.  

This was the turning point for McDonald’s, they started selling their franchises to people and the first franchise was opened by Ray Kroc and he opened more franchises throughout USA within two years. McDonald’s was getting very famous in America and people were loving its hamburgers, cheese burgers and fries.

In 1961 Ray Kroc decided to buy McDonald’s all rights from McDonald’s brothers in $2.7 million  and they accepted the offer. Ray Kroc was a great business man he took McDonald’s business to another level by opening 500 franchises in a short time.

In 1967 Ray Kroc decided to open franchised outside America and the first franchise was opened in Canada. By the year 1972 McDonald’s opened franchises in every state of America and on daily basis a new franchise was opening in somewhere around the globe.

Today, McDonald’s is the most burger selling fast-food chain in the world.